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It has been a belief that the well-being of an individual is about being satisfied with one‟s health, appearance, possessions and the environment he or she lives in. This has in part resulted in the recent emergence of a medical modality known as aesthetic medical practice, of which the goal is about creating a harmonious physical and psychological balance. This practice is on the rise globally and is also gaining popularity nationwide.

A significant number of registered medical practitioners are already engaging in this practice, or wishing to embark on this area of practice. However, there have been reports of adverse outcomes including disfigurements and even death, arising from aesthetic procedures performed by incompetent medical and non-medical practitioners. As safety issues are of paramount importance, this practice needs to be regulated by formulating a set of guidelines that is current and relevant.

Although aesthetic medical practice has not been recognised as a medical specialty in Malaysia, it is scientific in its approach and practice. The scientific concepts underpinning aesthetic medical practice have resulted from work done and published in dermatology and plastic surgical literature, and is taught within the core curriculum of these two specialties.

Recent development in aesthetic medical practice has seen a growth in the number of general practitioners practising in this field. This is evident with the introduction of formal education, training and the significant scientific literature output from this group of practitioners worldwide.

These guidelines were deliberated extensively both in depth and scope since 2010. It was prepared by gathering expert opinion from various stakeholders in the Ministry of Health, universities, professional bodies and private practice. It would serve as the national guidelines on aesthetic medical practice for general practitioners, medical specialists and surgical specialists.


(EXTRACTS from Page 7, Guideline On Aesthetic Medical Practice)