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President’s Welcome Speech


Dear Members,

Foremost, my heartiest congratulations for the recent AGM that was successfully held on 8th September 2016, whereby the Executive Committee of MSAM for the new term of 2016/17 was appointed.

On behalf of the elected Executive Committee, I wish to thank all society members who have variously encouraged, supported, and entrusted us to continue the noble aspirations of MSAM.

To the outgoing Executive Committee, Thank you for a job well done. Rest assure that the Executive Committee of 2016/17 will emulate your glorious achievements of the past two terms. On this note, I am happy to report that in this new committee’s nascent form, work has already begun on matters relating to the society’s road map for 2016/17.

To the working committee members, I wish you a warm welcome and congratulations on your appointments. We look forward to working together with everyone. Your contributions will be invaluable in advancing the field of aesthetic medicine here in Malaysia, in particular and in the region, in general.

To all our esteemed members, we look forward to your continuous support to take MSAM to greater heights. Let us remember that there is no role too small or insignificant that you cannot make a contribution. MSAM has made great strides since its inception more than a decade ago. As members, we should constantly remind ourselves of the aims and objectives of our Society. Let us work together and continue to make advancements in the field of Aesthetic Medicine; whether it is educating the general public, improving our own knowledge and skills, or in training and honing the next generation of practitioners.

Alone, we have limited resources. As a team, we can move mountains!

Let us forever remember and uphold the noble ideals of our founding members and peers, and never waver, for the good of our Great Cause.

Thank you.

Dr Louis Leh Swee Koch
Executive Committee 2016/17

22nd September 2017